Your Amazing God

     You have an amazing God whose “greatness no one can fathom” according to today’s reading in Psalm 145:1-7. However, God calls you to begin to discover who He is through the Bible so that you can know Him, and trust Him through the ups and downs of your life. He doesn’t need you to praise Him, but you need to learn to praise Him to train your mind to look to Him in all of your circumstances and thereby establish His peace that surpasses all understanding.
     According to this one small passage in Psalm 145, you can know that God is your King, He is Great and worthy of your praise, His majesty is glorious splendor, He does wonderful works, is abundant in goodness and is righteous. Daily spend time in the Word learning all you can about God and ask Him to believe the truth about His character and watch your life settle into a joyful peace no matter what your circumstances may be.
Beth Warlick, 5/23/2008