Praising God

Praising God gets your eyes off of yourself and your circumstances (whether they be good or bad in your eyes) and onto the solution to all your problems... the awesome God of the universe. In these few verses in Psalm 103:1-5, the Psalmist provides you with plenty of things about God with which you can praise Him.  

Truths About God
   Forgiver of your sins
   Healer of all your diseases*
   Redeems you from the pit**
   Provides you with love and compassion
   Satisfies your desires*** with good things
   Renews you

Take a few minutes every day to get your eyes on the Lord through praising Him from the truth of His Word. You will never regret getting acquainted with your awesome God in this way! Remember that as you get to know God, you will begin to trust Him. Pray that God will enable you to know and trust Him through His Word each day.

*He will heal all of your spiritual disease in this life (as you turn to Him) and all of your physical disease in the next life.
**Sometimes He lets you fall into the pit as part of your journey
***If your desires are not of Him, He will satisfy you in ways that are best for you.
Beth Warlick, 5/24/2008