Last Blessings [Deuteronomy 33]

1Now this is the blessing with which Moses the man of God blessed the sons of Israel before his death.  2He said,
         "The LORD came from Sinai,
         And dawned on them from Seir;
         He shone forth from Mount Paran,
         And He came from the midst of ten thousand holy ones;
         At His right hand there was flashing lightning for them.
    3"Indeed, He loves the people;
         All Your holy ones are in Your hand,
         And they followed in Your steps;
         Everyone receives of Your words.
    4"Moses charged us with a law,
         A possession for the assembly of Jacob.
    5"And He was king in Jeshurun,
         When the heads of the people were gathered,
         The tribes of Israel together.

Just as Jacob gathered his sons around him and gave them a blessing before his death, Moses does the same thing.  He gives a blessing to each of the tribes of Israel.  It is interesting that he has many words for some and a short sentence for others.  There seems to be no apology for the differences.  In a land where we have worked so hard to treat everyone the same this seems deferential. (if I praise one child, I must praise them all.  If I give one daughter a gift I must give to each of the others equally.) I am amazed that God is so respectful of each ones differences and loves them each in the way that He has created them.

We praise You Father because, "Indeed, He loves the people; all Your holy ones are in Your hand, and they followed in Your steps; everyone receives of Your words."   Cause us to  receive the words that are meant for us individually today.  You know what we need to hear: You know what is going on in each individual life.  Your love is unique and specifically tailored for each individual.

Verna McCrillis, 9/29/2010