Tools for Life

Life is a challenge. To help you through some of the typical issues of your life, we have developed some helpful tools and have made them freely available to you here. Take some time to get familiar with them. Feel free to download and use them as often as you would like. We hope you will take advantage of doing the EGP lessons and learn even more practical tools for your life.

The Difficult Person Chart – Use this chart to see God change your attitude concerning a difficult person in your life.

Expectations Chart – Often you are your most difficult person in your life. If you are feeling constantly down on yourself, use this chart to enable God to give you peace concerning what He can do in your life.

The Belief System Chart – This simple chart shows the source of peace and lack of peace in the life of the believer. If you want to know more about this chart, download and study the first lesson for free in the student curriculum section of the website.

The 9 Steps of Dealing With Conflict – How does an upset, angry, hurt or confused Christian handle  conflict with someone well? If you follow these 9 steps, the chances are you will not only experience peace in your conflict, but also have God’s guidance in the resolution of your conflict.

How do you hear God? Learning to hear God is vital and yet many people struggle with how to begin to listen to God. Here is a short description of the process that may help you in your journey of listening.

Dealing With Emotions (or the 4 column chart) – When you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions, sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on and figure out what to do with those feelings. This simple chart can provide a way to work through your feelings in a godly manner.