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Behold; A Gospel Journey of Drawing Near to God through Scripture and Prayer


NEW! Beautiful spiral bound Scripture and prayer journal with tabs and color throughout.  
Behold offers a place to record our prayers. It is an updated version of the Gospel Journey prayer journal, including new mini lessons and suggestions for how to use each section with examples. Inside you will find a different format but the same focus of viewing our life through the lens of the gospel as we look for God in Scripture and return to him in prayer. Behold can also be used with the companion discipleship course, Living Out the Gospel (available on Amazon Prime), which includes sixteen lessons that lead us to draw near to Jesus. The lessons are saturated with Scripture and include questions to help us discover the roadblocks that keep us from desiring to know God intimately. Each lesson also introduces how to use the different parts of the Behold journal

A sixteen week version in paperback is available from Amazon:

Below are sample pictures of the different sections inside the journal. Explanations of how to use each section are included in the journals:


"Dwell in Scripture": 4 pages for each week of the year - Praise, Agree, Requests and Thanks

This section encourages us to read the Word looking for truth about God - what does he reveal about His character, His purpose, His thoughts about us? This will become the thing we can praise Him for that day. Each day as we discover more about who God says that He is, our praises will grow.  What is He calling me to agree/acknowledge/confess about my own thoughts and actions that don't agree with Him? 

All the other sections in Behold will grow out of this daily rhythm of seeking to get to know God and allowing the Spirit to minister that truth to our lives.  


Verna's example:


Requests and Thanks and a blank page (I use this for sermon notes or other journaling,)


"Remember the Gospel"

Keeping in the foremost of our minds what Christ did on the cross to redeem us is vital to our spiritual being and growth.  This section offers some tools and a few blank pages to record those verses that can remind us of our great salvation.



"Receive God's Grace" 

As we pray through the things the Spirit reveals about our areas of unbelief/weaknesses/sins/lies we believe, we can use this "Grace Exchange wall" to let God replace those with power to believe His comfort/love/truth about Himself. (This tool has had a significant impact in my (Verna) spiritual growth and emotional healing as I have incorporated praying through these pages in my daily prayer life.) 



Ask and Thank

This section has 40 blank pages to personalize your prayer for others and/or to journal your prayers and thankfulness.

Grow in Faith

This section offers tools and charts to encourage growth, such as Loving My Difficult Person, as well as a Bible reading schedules.  These charts are also available on this website under Resources/Tools for Life.



Verna McCrillis
(Book) ISBN: 978-1-64467-257-0
Price now: $27.99

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