Live Videos Explaining the Behold Scripture and prayer journal

In December 2018 we published a new prayer journal to replace the EGP/Gospel Journey journal.  We called it Behold: A Gospel Journey of Drawing Near to God through Scripture and Prayer. It can be ordered through the EGPministries store. In January 2019 we began to do live videos on our group page - EGP Ministries: Behold Journal Workshop to help those  beginning to use this rhythm for seeking the Lord daily and for those making the transition from the old format. 

Now we are making those videos available here. We have covered the different sections in Behold, offering encouragement and further help in how to use them.    If you want to start at the beginning  look for the numbered ones and start with number 1. It might be on page two along with other topics.

Watch Now

Verna McCrillis, 8/7/2019