Devotionals from Numbers

God Ordered an Army [Numbers 1]
God Ordered the Camps [Numbers 2]
God Appointed Spiritual Leaders [Numbers 3]
God's Ark Concealed [Numbers 4]
Provider For All [Numbers 5]
The LORD Bless You [Numbers 6]
God Still Speaks [Numbers 7]
Appreciating Our Spiritual Leaders [Numbers 8]
Following the LORD's Lead [Numbers 9]
The Journey Begins [Numbers 10]
God Corrects Grumbling [Numbers 11 and 12]
Still Not Listening [Numbers 14]
Fear Not Faith [Numbers 13]
God's Anger Vs. Pride [Numbers 12]
God's Anger Burned [Numbers 11]
Remember! [Numbers 15]
God Is Able [Numbers 17]
I Am Your Portion [Numbers 18]
God's Holiness Requires Purity [Numbers 19]
Intentions Laid Bare [Numbers 20]  
The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up [Numbers 21]
From the Mouth of a Donkey [Numbers 22]
Balaam's Rationalizations [Numbers 22-24]
Meanwhile, Back at the Camp [Numbers 25]
God Ordered a Census [Numbers 26]
God Values Women [Numbers 27]
God's Sacrificial Reminders [Numbers 28]
God Demands No Work Days [Numbers 29]
God's Word on Vows and Oaths [Numbers 30]
God Ordered A Slaughter [Numbers 31]
Moses Made Allowances [Numbers 32]
From Egypt to the Promised Land [Numbers 33]
God's Earth to Give [Numbers 34]
God's Response to Questions [Numbers 36]
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Verna McCrillis, 11/15/2010