Devotionals from Job

God Is God! [Job 34]
God Delivers People From Pride [Job 33]
God Spoke Wisdom Through Elihu [Job 32]
Job's Last Defense [Job 31]
He Is Still There [Job 30]
Remember Jesus [Job 29]
The Fear of the Lord Is Wisdom [Job 28]
What About Grace and Mercy? [Job 27]
Great Is Our God![Job 26]
How Can a Man Be Just? [Job 25]
God's Perspective Is Not Man's [Job 24]
God Is Far and Near [Job 23]
Only God Judges Righteously [Job 22]
God Lets Wicked Prosper [Job 21]
God Centered Relationships [Job 20]
God Is My Redeemer [Job 19]
Only God Knows [Job 18]
Where Is My Hope? [Job 17]
God's Children Are Never His Enemy [Job 16]
One Last Blast [Job 15]
Pondering About Death [Job 14]
If I Ask Him, Will He Answer? [Job 13]
Great and Available God [Job 12]
God the Perfect Communicator [Job 11]
God is Waiting On Us [Job 10]
The God Who is Approachable [Job 9]
God and Comfort [Job 8]
Know the True God in Your Tests [Job 7]
Oh to be Comforted with Truth [Job 6]
Is It All About Man's Deeds? [Job 5]
First Example of Worldy Wisdom [Job 4]
A Natural Response [Job 3]
God Took Full Responsibility [Job 2]
Who’s Idea Was It? [Job 1]
God's Purpose Cannot Be Thwarted [Job 42]
Everything on the Earth [Job 41]
God Answers in a Storm [Job 40]
He Cares About Small Details [Job 39]
The Answer Is God [Job 38]
He Causes It to Happen [Job 37]
Behold Our Exalted God [Job 36]
Where Is God? [Job 35]
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Verna McCrillis, 11/11/2010