About EGP

The Establishing God's Peace Bible study is designed to encourage you to get to know God in a personal, intimate way that will pervade your whole life. It starts with learning to read the Bible as a personal love letter written to you from God.  He wants to unfold for you His character.  He wants you to know how He has worked in the past in others’ lives. He wants you to see how even from the beginning of time, you were in His heart and His plan.

God doesn’t just draw you individually but He also invites you to discover Him with others in community - to challenge, encourage and draw out the truths together.  He calls you to discover and proclaim to each other, “This is our God!”  This study presents the opportunity to live out the truth of what it means to believe God’s incredible love, sovereignty and forgiveness.

The workbook lessons are systematic, inductive Bible study.  Observation, interpretation and application appear in every lesson.  What makes it a little unique is that the lessons are designed to be done in a group setting rather than as homework.  The majority of the lessons are topical, but some lessons look at complete books of the Bible.  To assist in learning how to do inductive study, different tools and charts are presented throughout the course with explanation and practice for using them.

The only "homework" is encouragement to spend time each day with God, reading His word with an eye for the things He wants you to know about Himself. The Establishing God’s Peace Prayer Journal provides a venue to write what God is showing you that day about His character and then to use that to praise Him both privately and together in community. As you grow in knowing God you will begin to discover areas where you do not trust Him to be true to His character.  One of the sections in the Prayer Journal offers a place to recognize your wrong thinking and ask God to exchange it for His truth.

We are so convinced that growing in relationship with the Father, Christ and the Spirit is the most important thing, that we are willing to walk with someone for as long as necessary to encourage them on this journey. The tools and study are designed in a way that invites each person to turn around and share it with someone else.  Hence, it has been used by churches as a mentoring and discipleship tool as well as a Bible study program.