How to use the “Dealing With Emotions (God’s Way)” chart:


Prayerfully consider if there is someone you can ask to encourage you while you work through this chart.  Use it when you are overwhelmed by your emotions or your situation, or you continue being distracted or preoccupied with a situation. Pray first and give this process to God.  Ask Him to reveal to you what you need to see about yourself and about Him.


What happened?

Briefly write out the problem or situation.  If you find it difficult to isolate the particular issue at hand, try working on the next column and come back to this one later.


What thoughts or images went through your mind?

What emotions do you feel?

You may not be able to identify all of these, but list the ones you can identify.


Is this a familiar thought or emotion? Is there a time in the past that is similar?

Is there something in your past that causes these feelings to be more intense? Many times if feels like you are reacting to the present situation but in reality, this is bringing up an unresolved wound from the past.  Ask God to show you the past hurt that the present emotions may be connected to.


What is the truth?(Grace Exchange)

Ask God to identify what you are not believing about God? What does your response show that you do believe about Him at the moment? If you can’t pinpoint the unbelief, ask God to reveal it to you. Here are some other questions to ask yourself:

Where am I putting my hope? What were my expectations?  How were they not met? Does God know about this situation? Is there something affecting my feeling of being significant or valued? Who or what am I taking responsibility for?  Whose responsibility is it?


Ask God to bring to your mind specific verses that deal with the issue.  List the truth from Scripture that correlates with the unbelief.   (Look back in your EGP Journal or lessons to see what truth He has already been impressing on your heart.  Does any fit this situation?)


Repent/Exchange (Remembering the truth of the gospel:

Now that your unbelief and the truth have been identified, you need to use the grace exchange. This step is the most important; do not skip it!

1.     Repent - agree with Him about what you have wrongly believed either about Him or about this situation (put off).

2.     Spend some time fixing your eyes on Jesus and the great salvation He has provided. (Use the tabernacle to help you.) Thank God for His total forgiveness and the righteousness of Christ that has been applied to you. 

3.     Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to believe His truth and to give you the desire to believe it (put on).  Praise Him for truths He has shown you. Thank Him for the event, for what He will do, what He has shown you and what He has already done in you. Acknowledge His abundant grace (gratitude).

Dealing with Emotions (God’s Way)


What happened?


What thoughts or images went through my mind?

What emotions do I feel?

What is the Truth? (Grace Exchange)


 (Actual event that brought up the emotions)













(sad, angry, anxious, fearful, etc.)

What does this I show I believe about God in this moment?

What am I not believing about God?





Is this a familiar thought or emotion?

Is there a time in the past that is similar?

What is the truth about God from Scripture?



















Repent/Exchange these beliefs. (Remember the truth of the gospel)


Lord, I have wrongly believed_______________________________________________.

Thank You, Christ, for dying to forgive me for this. Please, Holy Spirit, cause me to believe_________________________________________________________________.