It is a beautiful Monday morning in Kansas and I am listening to the song, "I'm Not Who I Was"  sung by Brandon Heath.  Brandon sings about a broken relationship and how he moved past the bitterness and pain of it. He thinks that it might be time to tell the person who hurt him that he has forgiven them some time ago and is no longer who he was. God's "amazing grace" he goes on to explain is how he was able to move on away from the pain and to forgive and love instead.

Brandon's song led me to think beyond that one act of forgiveness in one relationship and how these words in the song, "Im not who I was" can apply to my daily journey as a follower of Christ!" As I diligently follow Jesus, by His grace, I will not be who I am today by tomorrow, but a bit more of one who loves unconditionally and sacrificially and extends forgiverness to all people. How cool is that!!!
                                                                                           Enjoy God's abundant grace today.
bw, 5/12/2008