Is the LORD among us, or not? [Exodus 17]

Is the LORD among us, or not?

This is the question I am always asking when things don't go the way or in the time I think they should. It doesn't matter what great things He has done or how much I rejoiced the day before when today looks so bad. Then, I wonder where God went. After all, how could He possibly want me to be thirsty or uncomfortable. However, as I read these stories and see how ridiculous this question is in the context of what God has done,  I also see that the Israelites are a picture of me and my natural fleshly tendencies!


Thank you God that You have given us a mirror of our flesh selves in the Word  so we can see more clearly what it is that we naturally do apart from Your grace. Cause us to be willing to see the truth about us and give it to You in exchange for Your strength and power to walk in the truth about You!

Beth Warlick, 5/7/2010