God's Costly Tabernacle [Exodus 38]

21This is the number of the things for the tabernacle, the tabernacle of the testimony, as they were numbered according to the command of Moses, for the service of the Levites, by the hand of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest.

22Now Bezalel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, made all that the LORD had commanded Moses.

23With him was Oholiab the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, an engraver and a skillful workman and a weaver in blue and in purple and in scarlet material, and fine linen.


Chapter 38 described the crafting of the Bronze Altar and the Bronze Laver as well as the curtains, pillars, sockets, hooks and bands used in the court. Then, the last part of the chapter listed the cost of the metals used in the tabernacle. According to the sources I found, there were 1 1/4 tons of gold, 4 1/4 tons of silver and 4 tons of bronze used in making the Tabernacle. The estimated value today would in the millions. That's a lot of precious metals. However, the True Tabernacle of God is priceless and the cost of admission is astronomical, but Jesus paid it all. Now, we can enter into the amazingly awesome heavenly Tabernacle free of charge at any time.


Thank you God for giving us a glimpse into the heavenly Tabernacle through this description of this earthly one in Exodus. As beautiful and it was, Your true Tabernacle is so much better. Cause us to be drawn into Your presence through Jesus, the true Tabernacle today.

Beth Warlick, 6/1/2010